Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Waste Of Time


THEME: Three of Swords

The thought that time is flittering away and I have little to show for it is heartbreaking to me. I never seem to be able to settle on what I want to do, and when I think I want to do something, I am no longer sure it really is what I have always wanted to do. This is a day of uncertainty.

GUIDE: Six of Wands

Don't worry, this too shall pass, and I will be happily back at center court, and I will feel like celebrating the next glimpse. This time of year saps the energy out of me and I forget what the other side of the coin is like.

MEDITATION: Seven of Swords

Instead of dwelling on the fact that time is a thief, consider that I still have the will to decide what it is I want to do with the time I am given.

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Cups

Regardless of how quickly time is passing, open myself and my life to the endless possibilities, and celebrate them all!


Time spent feeling sorry for myself because I have no time, is time wasted on not using it as I wish. Stop moping and start living, and celebrate every moment.

The Three of Swords is just there, like in the aces, hovering in mid air. There are no people in it, and it speaks plainly of how thought can discombobulate us. The Six of Wands turns it's back on the 3 of swords and moves onward into the future. The Seven of Swords, while bodily facing the Six of Wands, is looking toward the future as well. And the shadow card looks out at me being happy and enticing me to celebrate along with him.

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