Saturday, November 27, 2010

Damnation Alley?


THEME: Temptation

Temptation rides shot gun all the time. Governed by my own thought, (wants and needs) temptation steps in when uncertainty shows up and holds out a piece of candy, a shiny jewel, or a fix. If I've let my guard down or I fear old tapes have come to the entertainment center, Temptation hitches a ride. Today will have all the tempting things it always has, only I might see them more, and I might want something from that stockpile.

GUIDE: The Hierophant

Seeking not to do the 'shouldn't' things would make me want it all the more. Give temptation a bit of time and will get bored with me... I am guided not to make things I believe I should not do into mountains, instead of the molehills they really are.


Contemplate all the good emotions I can imagine and consider what evokes them. When I don't fear temptation, I don't have to worry about it. Don't worry, be happy!

SHADOW CARD: Seven of Swords

Two can play this game. Trick temptation as it would do me. Psyche it out. Take away its power.


Temptations exist. Don't give it more power by resisting it. Go to my happy place and psych temptation out. Steal its power over me by seeing none of what I believe is bad for me isn't thus at all.

The folks in the theme card are all wrapped up in their personal wants and needs, and do not notice anything but these. The Hierophant stares out at the reader, sure in his ideas and beliefs: Tradition trumps Temptation. The Ace holds only the best of emotions, and is a shining beacon, casting its radiant light in all directions. The Seven, as always, bodily faces the past, but is looking over his shoulder at the future.

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