Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seekers, Kings and Cups


THEME: The Seeker

New information brings new considerations to the table. Today is the time to begin a plan of how to proceed. The possibilities are endless.

GUIDE: King of Swords

This guide speaks of taking charge of the arena of thought. Be mindful of the way my thoughts affect my actions. This is about observation.

MEDITATION: Seven of Cups

In the new part of my program, I will be able to look more closely at my dreams; what I want. Consider all things deliberately. Understand each. Decisions are for later when all the information comes in.

SHADOW CARD: Eight of Cups

The foundation is about the fact that when changes are in the making, there will be things (baggage) which will no longer be needed. Leaving behind that which is not needed will help lighten my load.


New info comes to light, bringing new considerations. Take charge of the thoughts. Be mindful of how actions follow thoughts. Note what dreams may come, and begin to see what is no longer needed. Prepare to clean house.

The Seeker faces away from everyone and everything. He's off in his own world, carefree, and happily walking to the beat of his own drum, the notes of his own music. The King of Swords is always standing strong, staring the reader right in the face. He will be reckoned with, as thoughts themselves need to be reckoned with. The Seven of Cups is dreaming dreams, unaware of that which is going on around her, while the Eight of Cups, once The Seeker, now The Hermit in the making, is heading off on the new adventure, leaving behind what is no longer needed or wanted.

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