Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ch ch ch changes


THEME: Transformation

Today is a new day and every new day provides a moment to think about and plan for change. My eyes are drawn to the deep and lighter red of the robe of Transformation and it speaks of the courage and passion which is needed to do things for myself I wish to change. I know the way, I need the courage to stick with the what I must do, and the passion to enliven the way.

GUIDE: Seven of Wands

I am guided to be more conservative in expending my energy on things which do not add to the process of change, but to also make a stand against any obstacles that would seek to distract my progress.

MEDITATION: The Magician

Meditate uon mastering the things I need to work my program. Remember lessons already learned, and deepen my studies.

SHADOW CARD: The Empress

This is a reminder that it takes hard work, but the rewards will be worth it.


An opportunity to make changes is helped with inner courage and passion. Master the process to stay on track, and guard against distractors. The soft, gentle reminder that this is for what is most important in my life, and to know that it will be worth the effort.

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