Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Covert Ops, Two Messengers, Mother Superior and Me


THEME: Seven of Swords

This speaks of a day where things are done quietly and it will be a day of mystery. Each moment will unfold as an unknown piece of the puzzle. It is about fitting the pieces together.

GUIDE: Page of Cups

I am guided to seek to figure out what piece of the puzzle has emerged; to feel the very essence of it. Everything has a feel to it, like in dreams - we know people from what feelings they evoke. Same here. Reach out with my feelings to understand who is in the driver's seat.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Seek the depth of each piece. This is part of putting together the blueprint. It is focus and hard work, but mostly dedication. Study each piece, and understand its purpose.


This is the foundation upon which this work is based. This foundation is me - The Mother of the Others.


Covert Ops and the young creative lass; pairs in the form of messengers and Mother Superior - me.

As I learn about reading, I begin to see each group of three from the perspective of BODY/MIND/SPIRIT or PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE, and etc. Here, the Past (mr. covert ops) while facing further back into the past, is turning his head to sneak a peek at the present (his future). The young page of cups faces the past, but studies the information emerging (from the cup) from there, seeking to understand the feelings associated with it. The page of pents (the future page - a page turned) having gathered the information from the past and present, studies, puts the pieces together; begins to find the patterns in the chaos... and she faces the foundation that is being built - The Mother Empress aka me, who in turn, faces all my children. Fascinating.

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