Friday, November 5, 2010

Celebrate My Stand, But Beware That Which Lurks In The Shadows


THEME: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands returns and reinforces the return to work. This card speaks of standing my ground for my intentions and don't back down.

GUIDE: Judgment

Remember the sense of excitement and the want to DO more, after the work resumed. This is important and I am guided to follow these leads; to rise out of complacency and keep on keeping on.

MEDITATION: Three of Cups

Celebrate the return by doing more. I am reminded that this isn't only what I have wanted for like ever, but the pull of Spirit within is what drives the desire to find THE WAY. In the quiet moments, go within and feel the delight: This is my motivation.

SHADOW CARD: Five of Cups

Lurking in the shadows is the distractor. I am reminded of how easily it is to get caught up in either direction. Keep my eyes open and should I see I have hit an obstacle, don't go back to the land of I've-lost-everything. Look around, because nothing is lost, just around the corner is the path and I will see the 'light' of Spirit flickering in the shadows, showing me that what I don't see is that things change as we work on it, and not to think I've lost the thread. There it is, dancing in the light, like the way the sunlight dances on the path in a forest, where the leaves sway and their shadow moves, and the darkness gives way to the golden glow, lighting the path once more.


Feel the strength born of success. Remember the sense of excitement. That comes from the core! Celebrate by doing more, but don't forget to be aware of old habits which lurk in the shadows. They are False Evidence Appearting Real... and they are lies!

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