Friday, November 12, 2010

The Decision


THEME: The Seeker

I made a decision to concentrate on working with three card readings instead of moving ahead in the books right now, to allow the information I've already learned to cement itself into my brain, and to give me the practice needed to increase my ability to understand the cards from the pov of what I have already learned, before moving on. There are many configurations to work with. Thus, the theme is about beginning a new phase, and I become The Seeker again.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

The Guide confirms that resting and taking a break before moving forward with this part of my studies, will help to stop the inner struggle that has arisen too often of late.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

The meditation from two days ago returns to also confirm the decision. It is a place which will best suit my studies, to remain until I have integrated what I have thus far learned. I am reminded that buckling down and concentration will serve my progress with my work.


The 'upheaval' of the struggle with my work has brought a good change to the table. The darkness of my troubled mind has been released by the lightning of my thoughts and decision.


A new study regime is confirmed by my guides, suggesting it is time to rest, with the Page reiterating the necessity of indepth study. The upheaval of the past weeks of inner conflict gives way to the dawning light of which way to go.

I note that The Seeker faces the past (the struggles) and plays a farewell tune. The Nine of Wands faces the future, resting before moving on. The page looks forward also to the renewed work. Thus, the change releases the light from the darkness of struggle and my confused mind.

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