Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Four of Cups

There is a feeling of discontent. I have had more moments of this of late and it has me looking at what this is about. What is gnawing at me? This will be a day of contemplating this conundrum. Remember, THE WOMEN movie... it stirred up some things.

GUIDE: Two of Cups

I'm being guided to seek the answer with an open mind and an open heart, approaching thoughts and feelings with love.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

Cut Through the emotional tangle with a sharp mind.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Wands

Today the Shadow Card speaks of the outcome, if I follow the course laid out above: Triumph! An answer will come to light.


Puzzling out a problem will be triumphant if I approach it with an open and loving heart and a sharp and clear mind.

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