Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Make Friends and Influence Myself


Today, within the pages of the book I am reading, there was a recommendation to make good friends with myself. Again, I am faced with how do I do this? I used my daily draw for this question.

THEME: The Hermit - 9

It begins with going within. Shine a light upon my inner world and examine myself, but without judgement. Observe myself in all aspects and identify all my feelings, thoughts, attitudes. Don't judge them, but ask myself if they are necessary and ask myself why and why not, and then move on.

GUIDE: Ten of Wands

When looking within, seek not to do this while carrying the worries and thoughts of the day with me. Seek not to be distracted by other things. Sit when I have the time to look at what I have found. Make a list of my thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, ways and actions, and then sit later and go over the list to understand them. Remember that carrying outer burdens while doing this exercise will not allow me to give complete attention to my task. Let go of burdens for this time and task.

MEDITATION: Two of Wands

Contemplation for this exercise require balance between doing and keeping still and waiting and watching.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Pentacles

The foundation for this requires time be taken. Give myself time. Put off other leisure things to do this. However, remember the entire process happens not just in meditation, but in each moment. Just observe, then sit and consider what information I have gathered about myself.

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