Saturday, January 22, 2011


In the middle of the night, awake, and unable to work out some problems, I did a full celtic cross reading. At the 'where I am right now' position, the TEMPTATION [devil] card came up. So this morning, I did my daily draw with the question, 'what is my temptation?' in mind, while shuffling.

THEME:  The Hermit

It would be my greatest tendancy to disappear - to step back away from life, but not into inner work; rather into another part of myself - an other - who does not have my responsibilities.


To pretend that I am spiritual?

GUIDE:  Nine of Wands

Seek not to feel that I am wounded and that I stand between rounds of a battle. Spending time looking toward the future for any reason takes me out of being in THIS moment, and much is missed when my mind and energy is else where.

MEDITATION:  Six of Swords

Contemplate the journey in the here and now - do not cling to victories of the past - nor to the losses; and do not think that I know what lies ahead, either. Be cognisant of who I am and what I think and feel right now, and then let it go as I open into the next moment.

That was right on my mind as should being in this reading. This is an extreme time of upheaval. Seek not to spend time moping over any moment, or I'll miss the present moment, that can teach me how to get through it all.

Even as we are tumbled from the heights of our santuary, the light is released from the darkness in which we'd been living in that very moment. Lean into the upheaval. Seek to accept the experience and then the next one, and the one after that.

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