Saturday, January 1, 2011

Endings and Beginnings


THEME: Ten of Wands

A good cautionary word to begin the year: beware of over burdening myself, trying to take care of everything at one time; trying to rush to put all my New Year's ducks in a row. As in all things, there will be times when I have too much coming in to handle the whole load, especially by myself. We seek to enter the new year, leaving the old, unnecessary things behind. Still, there are things that do carry over, simply due to the fact that they are unfinished, and all things have a beginning, middle and an end. Not everything ends on a schedule. Life has its own flow which does not follow the calendar of our species.

GUIDE: Six of Cups

I am being given a gift on this day: a chance to see things differently; to feel differently about the many things I have been dealing with; to not see them as burdens but as part of the Quest. I have awakened to find I've been on it from the start.

MEDITATION: Seven of Cups

This is a good day to reflect upon what I want to do when each moment arrives. It is my choice how to react. Dream of how I want to BE and then seek to BECOME.

SHADOW CARD: Ten of Cups

I want everyone to have what they need and want, but each person is responsible for creating their own happiness. I tend to mine, and each 'other' must tend to theirs. I am not responsible for how someone else chooses to react to life.


I head into the new year with some of the burdens of last year, as they are part and parcel of the natural flow of life. I am given the opportunity to choose what I want, and let go of that which does not serve me personally, nor the better good. Consider what I want, to create a better way of living.

It is interesting that the reading begins and ends with a TEN. Ten speaks of endings, which of course flows into the next beginning... reduced they are natural beginnings. I note that in the beginning there are burdens, but these evolve to become the perfect ending, as each thing is worked out, or completed, and we can sit happily in our rockers on the porch, looking out at the world, allowing it to go by, while we take 'ten' to enjoy the roses.

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