Thursday, December 30, 2010

Face Your Fear!


With a lot of turmoil surrounding me lately, I've been finding the old phobic fear returns with greater frequence; disaster thinking has become a wild horse; the bull in the china shop of my mind. Thus, I shuffled with the request that the cards 'pleae advise me how to battle the fear.' What I needed was a reminder of how to get back with my panic management program.

THEME: King of Swords

What a happy sight. The first course of action... the theme is always to 'turn and face' my fears, and so the king brings this very message to me. The arena of fear is in the realm of thought, so that is where I must make/take my stand.

GUIDE: Six of Cups

First thought: Give myself a break. The fear mongers are of my creation, thus I can go back to the time beffore they were born, and reinvent my life, and my world without the phobic fear. Think positively about that which the fears seek to trick me into believing. Uncreate what I have crated. Rewrite this part of the story.

MEDITATION: Knight of Pentacles

Another happy sight. So tried and true, and stable in his approach, the knight speaks of the fact that the mind is fertile ground. Pull up the weeds [that are the work of fear] and sow the seeds of positive thinking. Before planting my seeds, however, meditate and envision what I want to grow, then work hard [take care of myself] to see the crop of positivity begin to sprout, and finally grow into the flowers of good health, and the fruits of healing.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Swords

The foundation is now built upon succeeding in my current circumstance. This is a challenge, and it will be a difficult road to walk, because life does not stop while I am gathering my reserves.


Face my fears and stand my ground. Don't be so hard on myself and recreate my life without the phobic aspect of fear. Plant the seeds of positive thinking and envision success. All struggles are a rite of passage.

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  1. It never seems to matter how much I realize letting most fears get the better of me, was my main problem in the past - that if I hadn't done that, there may have been some pain or awkwardness at first, but then I would most likely have been okay; those fears bubble up with such power - seemingly. Ugh. I've been dealing with the same, and too much turmoil over stupid things (for me - stupid people, too).