Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Peaceful Kingdom To The Rescue


I began shuffling with the question, 'what would help me manifest my dedication to my path more concisely?'

THEME: Nine of Pentacles

This is a day for appreciating what I have that I worked to manifest. Look at my life and see the goodness I have created for myself and for others. Today I celebrate myself.

GUIDE: Queen of Pentacles

Meditation of the specifics which I would like to bring into my life for greater abundance, is an important part of the process of manifesting. Find the stillness within. This is the place where that which I seek will become more apparent. Give time to myself for contemplation of my inner work.

MEDITATION: Four of Pentacles

Note what I cling to and reflect upon how it helps or hinders my work and progress. Is each thing something which I should retain? What quality causes me to let go of things which might help me, and conversely, to hold onto things which hinder my way?

SHADOW CARD: Knight of Pentacles

To move forward and live more beautifully, begin from the stillness. Stop or pause before taking action. Consider ways which will achieve the greatest inner growth and success.


Today I celebrate my life, and its goodness. Consider taking time to sit and reflect the things I must do to achieve my goals. Meditate upon the things to which I cling and why. To move forward do so from stillness; from my Center.

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