Saturday, December 25, 2010


With the thought that I know we will have to move to the apple orchard at some point, I posed the question of how soon should we move over there?

THEME: Wheel of Fortune

Considering the question, it looks like it will depend on when I FEEL we should, when I feel it is necessary. It will be a matter first of all, of how quickly we can get the place ready for us. It will also depend upon the information we get from the doctor about 'Staging.'

GUIDE: Six of Cups

Giving time, in my usual way, may suffice for now. Everything is based on need. Balance the decision between need for it, and the reality of how much more difficult it will be when the real winter weather sets in. Everything takes time. Be mindful of all aspects.

MEDITATION: The Hermit [I actually saw this card coming up]

Take time to sit and consider what is BEST. Think about all the aspects of the situation. To make a decision based on reality, there needs to be all pertinent information available.

SHADOW CARD: Eight of Wands

Remember that great energy reserves will be needed for the duration. What will be the best for all, but most important is what will allow the caregiver to be able to function at optimum throughout this time.


With information as guide, I will know when it FEELS right to move. Watch for signs from all factions and seek what is realistic and think it out carefully. Take it one day at a time. Remember, how much energy will be needed for everything.

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