Saturday, December 11, 2010

Components of a Quest


I shuffled this morning with the thought about 'how will the Quest play out' and consequently, thinking about how to create a spread to make the moves in each day of the Quest. Do I need to? Why do I need to... which of course are all questions simply for a reading. But the first part is where my head was at while shuffling. Thus, the following cards speak to me.

THEME: Knight of Cups

The way to proceed in each day is to go with an open heart and an open mind. This is something I already seek within the time of readings. Bring this to my every moment, in every day. Begin as if each day and each moment is a new day and moment, but instead of seeing it as a matter of 'with no mistakes in it,' see it simply as a new day/moment for fresh perspectives, and for receiving information and life's events with an open mind and an open heart. Seek to accept each experience, and learn from each one.

GUIDE: The Hanged Man

This is an agreement of the theme. See things from each side; from all sides. Keep a record of the various perspectives. This will be, and in fact, is part of the journey AND the journal.


Balance and comradery - sharing the journey and my thoughts with my companions in this Quest (Alex, Dad, Journals). The Process needs witnessing

SHADOW CARD: Page of Cups

I see the young lass is insisting upon being part of this, and I've considered the message she is seeking to bring to me, and decided that she actually IS me (represents me), at least in part. I am the reason; the foundation for the Quest. This will play out because of me and all aspects will be MY creation. Perhaps, she is little girl lost?


Move forth with an open mind and an open heart. See all moments from different perspectives. Maintain balance and share with travel companions. This is founded on me and finding that inner Self is where the Paradigm Passage is. Thus, this is a search for Self. Interesting.

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