Thursday, December 9, 2010

Round and Round She Goes


While shuffling, I was seeking to look at how I could more effectively control my negative emotions.

THEME: Justice

Be fair minded in relating to others. Remain balanced.

GUIDE: Page of Cups

Another visit from the Page (daughter) of Cups. Be in the moment. Live in the here and now. Release ego-past and don't live in ego-future. If negative emotions rise to the surface at 'inappropriate times' seek to keep the feelings in check, and find ways to release them later.

MEDITATION: King of Swords

Don't confuse thought with emotion. Don't let too much build up. Learn about strategy and negotiations. This is the best way to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground, and in the here and now.

SHADOW CARD: Wheel of Fortune

The foundation of the reading. As always, I stand upon the wheel, slipping and sliding through various emotions. The key is not to cling to any one of them. Experience it, learn from what it brings me, and let it go (aka move along). Intellectually, I may say something is over, but I carry it with me, unnoticed, my mind going back and gnawing on it like a dog with a bone. Don't try to be right, or I'll end up being wrong.


The wheel turns and surviving it is about not clinging to any one feeling. Be fairminded instead of seeking to be right. Learn negotiation and strategy. Live in the now, not in the then.

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