Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


With all the 'goings on' here, I shuffled thinking about what I needed to do for myself, because all my time and energy is going toward helping all the others around me.

THEME: The Hermit

With the circumstances of my life right now, The Hermit recommends I need time for myself. Find a place of peace and quiet and seek to clear my mind of mundane thoughts. While work must be done, it will be important to step back between those moments of activity and dwell in the place of sweet solitude, where the silence of the mountain top retreat allows the layers of disquiet to be stripped away. Sort of the Calgon of the Spiritual Set.

GUIDE: The World

I am guided to see that I need not head off to a cloister somewhere for this peace and serenity, because anywhere and everywhere a 'retreat' can be created. Don't be confined by traditional ideas. Find my oasis in places in which I feel peace, free, calm and happy; where my thoughts are unemcumbered by activities of daily living and can fly beyond the clouds.

MEDITATION: Knight of Wands

This about Energy Conservation. Now, about 10 hours after laying out these cards, it occurs to me how appropo it is, which I learned after I 'blew my top' at someone who doesn't need that right now, being as their infirm. But more importantly, I don't need to do that to myself either. So, it's up in the air, right now what my meditation should be, but it did get me thinking... which is a first step.

SHADOW CARD: Four of Swords

The foundation is rest, recovery, and rejuvination, which comes back into my reading from a personal reading I'd done on December 5.


Go within to the place where solitude and peace and quiet reign. The place, physically, is less important, if I can go within, perhaps on a jaunt to Jesseville, and rest and relax. A little music, some good visuals, and I'm floating away from all of this that weighs too heavily upon my mind and shoulders.

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