Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Vibrations


My thought while shuffling was "Bring me guidance for today."

THEME: King of Cups

Seek to calm myself in the midst of chaos. Enhance my inner calm, as the quote goes. Let love guide me through the moments of the day.

GUIDE: Four of Wands

Seek to be centered in the dance of life today. Stop, close my eyes, and follow my breath to bring myself back to the moment. Seek to look at times as good, and to be bulstered by what I have now, not to go astray into the land of what I have lost or fear I will lose.

MEDITATION: Six of Wands

Each moment should be a celebration of life, of the abundance I have here and now. Move forward with joy in my heart for this is what has made this moment possible.

SHADOW CARD: Ten of Cups

Even in the hard times remember what goodness I have. The connections are what allow love to flow.


Emotional Energy rules the day. The cups best emotions surround the wands celebratory energy. Make the day a party. In sequence: The King of Cups begins (the first and best of the Emotional Realm). At the other end is the Ten of Cups, the best of the suit; completeness, all that is great in this realm. The Sandwich filling is the four of wands and the six of wands. These two wands equal 10, which lead up to the 10 of Cups... The equation is the Energy of Love.

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