Monday, December 13, 2010

The Way of Transmutation


THEME: Three of Pentacles

The way of mastery is to learn, but what is learned needs to be put into action. Move slowly, thoughtfully, and with great focus in each thing being done. Mindfulness is key. Become that which I am doing.

GUIDE: Page of Wands

I am reminded to begin (or continue) to truly learn about energy... to feel how energy manifests in every way. Observe where it is in my every movement, and feel it as well as just seeing it manifesting. Note its highs and lows [fluctuations], and begin to see what affects it, and what it affects and in what ways.


Consider the relationships of the elements and how they work together. Find the center of each moment when everything is in perfect balance.

SHADOW CARD: King of Wands

Control is one aspect of centering. Conservation and creation are others. Seek to find the sequences and the variations.


See the process of work and observing is part, but being is the other part. Seek balance between control and conservation, as well as creation. Be moderate.

Thinking, and feeling, and doing simply lead to BEING which is the goal.

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