Friday, December 3, 2010

Go To The Mattresses!

What to do to become more healthy

THEME: Seven of Wands

In the effort to become more healthy (to lose weight), the theme is to fight for my health. Burn more calories than I'm taking in. Defeat the lazy habit and work hard. The gauntlet has been laid down. Pick it up and FIGHT! Make it part of my QUEST!

GUIDE: Eight of Swords

I feel bound and blinded by my defeatist attitude. But I'm not helpless. Remove the obstacle of defeatist thinking and let the fight begin.

MEDITATION: Queen of Wands

Use the tools I've been given. Learn about Energy management. Be gracious in the current position and move forward with my re-organized plans.

SHADOW CARD The Magician

It's all about learning to mast the basics. Go back to square one in my lifestyle change in eating and exercising habits. Follow the corriculum. Use the magic of my will to live.


The battle of the bulge is on! No defeatist thinking allowed in the ring. Re-organize my program, and back to the basics of mastery. My Mantra:

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