Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Inner Classroom


As I shuffled the cards this morning, I thought about how I feel removed from The Mother, because I'm 'stuck' inside (of my own volition, not being a big fan of the colder months). I was thinking about how I might 'get closer' to Nature during these months of hibernation.

THEME: The Magician

Nature exists in all things. Begin or return to the basics. Look at the aspects of Nature with self, and even list what the main (four) aspects (elements) are and what shapes they take to study and explore their realms more closely. Even on this kind of day, the air and water are at the forefront in the stormy weather outside. These are feeding the Earth and the combination of all are the parts of Energy - Nature is out there and in here.

GUIDE: Five of Wands

The conflict within is a guide to seeing how the elements bump against each other like molecules do, creating and recreating and changing the structure or fabric of the moments. This is seeing life in action. I am reminded that friction is essential to the building blocks of making life.

MEDITATION: The Hanged Man

Seeing things from various perspectives allows our understanding of the basics of life to expand. Observe everything. The classroom is life itself, everywhere and in all things.

SHADOW CARD: Page of Cups

Make note of my reactions to every moment of the day. Emotion is an integral part of my nature, as is energy, and thought, and being spiritual.


Thinking of how to bring my relationship with Nature closer, when I can't be 'out' there, allows me to study the inner world of Nature. See the struggle of inner life and connect it to the larger world, to the Wheel and its turning. New points of view will help this endeavor and keeping note of emotional reaction will give a picture of the whole process as I move through my day. I am the experiment in the working of Nature. The classroom is inside me, and in the encapsulated world of a house, as much as it is outside in the rest of the Natural world. Make the connections to learn the process.

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