Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clinging 101


THEME: Four of Pentacles

Clinging 101. Today I will find people [myself included] tending to cling to the thoughts, situations, and feelings of the past year. Clinging to things keeps me from living in THIS moment. A Quest goes nowhere if I remain mired in the moments of yester year. Enough is enough of this goblin mud!

GUIDE: Six of Wands

Move forward, but don't forget to bring your mind with you. Mindful living is the only way to progress.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Contemplate upon what I wish to achieve. Envision the way to achieve it, then proceed.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Swords

The foundation is the realm of thought. Without clinging to the specifics, journey forth with lessons of the steps before this one guiding and lighting the way.


Holding onto the past will not afford forward movement. Consider what is to be done and allow lessons learned to guide me.

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