Friday, January 14, 2011


THEME: The Chariot

For forward movement to gain the best results, find a balance between all those involved. Seek harmonious negotiations and approach aspects creatively.

GUIDE: Page of Wands

Energy conservation in any activity takes practice. Controlling the amount of Energy coming in and going out is akin to dieting; but the Energy needed to go forth physically is conserved differently than Energy needed on an emotional and mental level. Study the various way the whole being uses energy.

MEDITATION: Three of Swords

Sometimes it is important to cut to the heart of the matter. Consider how to diplomatically maneuver thinking in such a way as to achieve the goals, but be frank about the 'heart' of the matter.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Pentacles

Remember that all things done in concert with others require a give and take. Be generous with praise to encourage forward movement.

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