Monday, January 24, 2011

Watch and Wait


THEME: Two of Wands

My gaze is drawn to the red rim of his hat, noting that he is looking out toward the world. My eye is then caught by the globe held in his hand. This speaks of having the courage to wait and watch; to take the time to balance my energy. It is a time to practice being in each moment as it flows by.

GUIDE: Seven of Cups

As I wait, I can consider how I will feel about each moment; consider the options which are possible in each moment. Will I react to feeling how I always feel in certain situations? Will I cling to certain beliefs about an event? There is always choice.

MEDITATION: King of Cups

Seeking to accept a feeling about something, but to be willing to let it go after observing it, acknowledging it, is the way of the Spiritual Warrior. Contemplate the embrace of accepting continual change, while remaining still within.

SHADOW CARD: Page of Cups

Remain curious. This is the stance of the Spiritual Warrior. Learn my own emotions.

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