Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Week At A Time


I had not put together the whole of the 'new adventures in reading,' when I decided to change. I suppose a day at a time will be the real guide. Should I need to draw another card before a week is up, then I will. But I think, to really learn about the cards, Temperance for a week [especially these days] will serve the better good.

I think sitting and working with a card for a week will allow me to get a better sense of the true meaning of the word, and the way it can impact my daily routine. I am combining [or hope to] my draw with beginning 'sitting meditation.' So Temperance begins the new approach.

In truth, it is a perfect card for this time. Between the weather's constant assault, and the pending move to the Apple Orchard District, to help care for my father, I'd say, keeping the idea of Temperance in my mind will benefit my sanity as well as allowing me to replenish my energy.

It also makes it easier for me to really see when and where I am not Temperate. I seek not to judge myself, but simply to observe what pushes my buttons. Unfortunately (is it?) it seems almost everything pushes them 'in these austere and uncertain days.'

The plan will be to draw on Sunday morning, and work with each card for a week. The question is whether I should work just with the Majors for now, or with the whole deck. Perhaps, this is another question for the cards?

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