Monday, February 14, 2011


Were I to think back a year ago today, usually I wouldn't remember many specifics. While it is a day of the celebration of my love life; of my marriage, it also is the day I joined AT! So it is also my anniversary. My reading has the singular focus on the former, but I can also see where tradition plays quite a role in what the past year has brought into my life; a tradition which, now, I can claim as my own.

THEME:   The Hierophant

Today is a day of traditions. It is a day when all celebrate love and each couple celebrates with their personal traditions which they have developed over time. Celebrate our love with our traditions.

GUIDE:    Page of Wands

The energy is good today; the day is a vacation from the daily world. Let love guide how our energy is used.

MEDITATION:    Three of Wands

Today, in each moment, is where our love florishes. Look toward the rewards which loving affords. Rejoice in the love and how that makes the day feel.

SHADOW CARD:   Transformation

Love is one of the great transformers. This is the foundation of the meaning of today: How our love transforms us constantly.

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