Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Back!


I did a reading last night about my feelings with not doing a daily draw. I was going thru a withdrawal, and I wanted to return. During the time when I was trying to work with one card a week, I began working with sitting meditation. The result of the reading last night showed me how the two traditions can work together, and are, in fact, very useful to each other. Today's draw speaks directly to this decision.

THEME:   Six of Wands

This is about coming back to a 'way' of doing; returning in triumph and it is also about moving forward with my work.

GUIDE:   Two of Swords

There may be residual confusion about the process, but remaining balanced will help me to 'see' my way through, with my inner sense - intuition.

MEDITATION:    Eight of Wands

The energy from the excitement of this return is enhanced as doors open and opportunities present themselves. THIS is like the 'opening - out breath' stage of Tonglen. It is vast, like the universe. Use this as my guide in meditation.

SHADOW CARD   Four of Swords
The foundation is about resting the mind - letting go of the heaviness of thought during meditation. This affords my work in sitting meditation to go forth.

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