Friday, February 25, 2011

It's In The Cards


February 24, 2011

THEME: Four of Cups

This is very interesting. I have felt I am resisting my 'routine,' one which I set in place. I am unsure why I would do this. Though, I suspect it is my nature. The question arises: If something is my nature, do I follow it? I feel, having begun studying the Way as Pema Chodron discusses in her books [The Path of the Spiritual Warrior - A Shambhala Teaching] of approaching life, that the first step is to study myself. To learn [about] myself. This theme reflects who I am and could begin or be part of the information which brings me face to face with myself. No judgment; just seeing.

GUIDE: Eight of Wands

Great energy awaits my use, even as I am uncertain of where or how to spend it. Being aware is enough. Remember, part of the journey is to observe the energy of the feelings.

MEDITATION: Five of Wands

Struggle; part and parcel of life. This is specific to the struggle to idenfify myself - to define who I am.


The foundation speaks to the realm of inner work. The emotions, energy and struggle to define the path. The need to decide on what my path should look like. Like life, the way shifts constantly. Again, who I am is the key to successfully navigating the 'rocky road' of living.

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