Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebration of Light


Here is a work in progress. The image, while not showing physical movement, has great energy in it. It makes me feel curious. I want to know more.

The image shows a young girl standing on a dirt road, both hands wrapped around a great wand. Light is glinting off of the crystal at the top.

Practice, inquisitiveness about her work with energy. As with the other pages, she is involved with learning the ways of her realm. Her tunic is the color of the Kingdom, without great flair of flames. Her belt is of the same color and pattern of the Fool's left leg trew. This might show she exhibits the masculine power of her realm. Her hair itself, resembles a lion's mane.

Unlike the others of her family, there are no companions.

*song for the Page of Wands: Celebration of Light

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