Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome To My Nightmare


"...You tell me your blue skies fade to gray,
Tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low,
You're faking a smile, with the coffe to go

You tell me your life's been way offline
You're fallin' to pieces every time..."*

! ! !

There was a book I remember called, "when bad things happen to good people," and if I had to look at one kingdom this applied to it would definitely be The Blades. I mean, come on, being tied up, trying hard just to stay above water, point blank, right through the heart. No wonder these people have bad dreams. Bad days, is more like it. And it's not bad enough to have to deal with it in the waking time, but to have it follow you, dog you in your sleep. That's just wrong.

I'd hear her in the night, but never could actually figure out where she was. It wasn't a wailing, but a muffled sobbing, sometimes a moaning. But it was always there, like it said in the movie, 'The Haunting,' "...Nobody will hear you scream, in the night in the dark. Nobody will come any closer, in the night, in the dark." I'm thinking this place is ripe for a shrink.

I eventually would fall back to sleep, but I had to wonder what was so wrong? Why didn't anybody seem to want to help?


The darkness behind the nine swords, which line the wall behind the girl, speaks of the dark places that scare you. Awakened from sleep, the nightmare remains. Whether real or simply a figment of the imagination, the swords tell of being imprisoned. There is fear and sadness. Here is suffering, desolation, doubt, misery; a vicious cycle of brooding about past injuries, that bring on illness, anxiety and distress.

The sad part is that with the swords not being real, it's just symbolic of going around and around, gnawing at a problem. How utterly frustrating!

*song for Nine Of Swords: Bad Day by Daniel Powter


  1. I have to admit, the 9 of Swords is NOT one of my favorite cards! For me, it is often a stark reminder of the burden of the baggage I carry, whether real or perceived by a wounded psyche. Happily, it doesn't show up very often in readings for me. :)

    :) Leigh

  2. I agree with how you feel about it. One day, and I might not quite know how yet, but I do believe that I can go back and heal those parts of me which I still lug along on my Earth Walk. When I do that, I'm carrying a bit of a lighter load.