Thursday, August 12, 2010



Hmmmmm Wands you say? Here I was thinking it would be cups. Who knew? But had I been thinking, I'd have known. Robin is following the casting of the circle from The North on around.

Pentacles = Earth in the North of the circle.
Swords = Air in the East of the circle.
Wands = Fire in the South of the circle.

I bid adieu to The Blades. It was not really a sad farewell, but on the other hand, I did meet some good folk and see things from a much more stark perspective. As I walked off down the road away from the Kingdom of Swords, I wondered where my journey would take me.

If I'd thought the landscape where I'd spent the last month was meager, what I began to notice as I sat and rested after a few hours walk, was that the desert had taken hold here. Nothing seemed to grow, and the few critters which crossed my path either slithered, or skittered across the non-roadway.

I was startled by a voice from behind. "Company. Excellent!" I turned and looked up at a tall lanky man, whose crown, only, gave him away as royalty. Upon first glance, I thought his clothing was tattered, ragged. But I realized as I stood, this was how his robes were designed. "Welcome to Firesign Theater," he said, chuckling.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am..." he paused a moment. "What I am."

He stood there, one hand clasped around a rather impressive crystal staff, terminated on top, catching and radiating the sun, in a singularity of sorts. His other hand was open, palm up, speaking as much of what he said about himself, as his words did.

"Come, you'll break bread with us, and rest through the heat of the day, should it please you. I know it would please us." He turned, and gestured for me to follow, and I noticed, then that a critter was scrambling along side of him, keeping close. To be sure, I thought it might be a baby dragon of some kind. Fascinating.

I liked this man, right away. His friendliness, while different from the King of Pentacles, was possibly more winning, like he didn't need all the beauty and peace of the Peaceful Kingdom for his essence to shine through. I had to ponder, in fact, on whether the sun did not radiate directly from him. I actually was reminded of The Magician, whom I'd met way back, and whose demeanor felt remarkably like this man's.


Here is light. Here is Energy, vibrating in the air itself. Here is Fire. Will. There is a sense that this is the beginning of life; the way 'star stuff' might begin to coalesce into a world. This is the place of the timeline of life in all its aspects; the stages of growth. The sense of easy thoughts translating into nimble words, yet self-controlled. Here is Energy used wisely, creatively.

Song for King of Wands: FIRE by Bruce Springsteen

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