Sunday, August 22, 2010

Balancing Act Daily Draw


THEME: Two of Swords

The Theme speaks of balance, but it speaks of being unable to see myself in space and time, and not knowing if I am or I am not balanced. As a clarifier, I will look at whether this is balance of inner work, or balance of the mundane:

The Clarifier shows the Ten of Wands, which indicates that I am unbalanced in the mundane. I am not balancing work. It speaks of taking on too much work. Not getting the rest I need, or the time I need for myself. I will look further into how to balance myself here after this reading.

GUIDE: Two of Pentacles

How interesting that this comes as my Guide. This speaks of balancing with play. I am guided to find more time for myself. I will have to review the situation and find what needs to be rearranged.

MEDITATION: Seven of Swords

This is interesting, because the first thought is 'covert ops' and meditating on how to 'steal' time for myself. Part of reviewing the situation. Is it like taking from so and so to give to such much, or how ever that saying really goes? More reiviewing.

SHADOW CARD: Two of Wands

Okay, this is THREE twos coming into my daily reading. This means it is a significant reading, and I should not just do the reading and get on with the rest of my day... I should take action, though... here's the kicker, this Two is of balance in the watching and waiting arena. So hmmmm....

OH, and lets not forget that I had two jumper cards that fell out of the deck during my shuffle. The first was the Queen of Pentacles... which speaks quite clearly of meditation, so I need to not just STEAL time, I need to sit and meditate on this situation. The second, and this is where it gets downright eerie (?)... The Two of Cups was the second card. Now, that's balance in ALL suits. That can mean, over balanced (which I doubt, but who can tell), or it can mean that I seriously need to make changes and that all of the aspects: work (pentacles), intellect/mind (Swords), Energy/creativity/beginnings/all the things which the ACE of Wands brought into my meditation yesterday (Wands) and of course the one that got away, but is remembered, the Emotions (Cups).... So I'm either seriously out of whack (or just whack) or I'm over balanced, and I should chill some... but that doesn't exactly jive, when it comes to the mundane... I mean, while I complain a lot, the fact is, comparatively speaking, I don't do jack (or know him for that matter), so what's it all about alphie?:

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: Balance is the name of the game, from every side, in every arena. It's time to take a look; do the Emperor thing... I actually am about ready to begin working with him on the Tarot for Your Self front... that may be why this came up. Ducks in a row, and all that - sounds familiar?

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