Saturday, August 21, 2010

Company's Comin'


"Folks come from miles around
Jumping up and jumping down,
Carrying off,
Carrying on
Til the break of dawn..."*

The Court was full of energy, and I had to say I didn't see any unhappy or dissatisfied faces of those who served in The Court. And I soon learned that the Queen, like her husband, was the reason. A joyousness that was like an energetic sprite filled the air around her. She was all laughter, and gayity, running her domain with exuberance, an infectious sense of fun, that sent out its tendrils to engage all those working there with the same energy. It reminded me of the Peaceful Kingdom in the way that friendliness bubbled over into the activity, and the sense of being welcomed was good. It was the animated extreme of the peaceful sense from the first kingdom I'd visited. I was given delicious food, and lodging for as long as I needed, or wanted. I was invited to join in all of the goings-on of the realm.
I remembered I felt welcomed in the Peaceful Kingdom. Here, I felt I belonged. Either way, it was nice to be with lively, fun-loving folk.

I like this card; this Queen. She is very welcoming. While the landscape remains the same, one of her two compainions is a beautiful copse of sunflowers. The other is a charcoal gray cat. Like her paramour, she holds a crystal staff. There is greater motion in her - almost a sense of a pixie; her eyes twinkle with a sense of knowing what nobody else does, yet. Her gown seems more like a flower, the sense of flames are played down, though the colors are the same. Perhaps she is somewhat more refined. The feminine energy is softer, while still radiant.


Here is considerable energy, warmth and passion. She's fond of Nature, generous, yet practical and pragmatic.

*Song for The Queen of Wands: Company's Comin' by Poco


  1. I do find the Wands suit to be one that I enjoy interpreting. Okay, that sounds kind of off, but...I like seeing Wands in a spread, forward movement, positive flow. That make sense? lol

    :) Leigh

  2. Greetings Leigh :)

    Yes, it does make sense. What I recently discovered, working with Mary Greer's book is that wands are associated with so many of my 'personal cards' that it is beginning to make sense why I find myself really drawn to many of them. The energy in the suit is better than a morning cup of coffee. :)