Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First FULL DECK Daily Draw


THEME: Page of Swords

My eyes note first the spyglass upon the belt of the Page, and this means this will be a day of looking for what is needed to continue. Organizing my thoughts as this new phase of my work begins. All Pages represent a beginning, a learning, and so it will be as I move from the seat of meeting to the place where I will begin applying, and settling into a routine, but also seeking information on creating my Sacred Space, and making a bag or my cards (the box is falling apart). The page also reminds me to communicate more frequently with others, and ask questions so I can gain greater insight.

GUIDE: Eight of Wands

The excitement and energy with this transition has my Universe expanding, and I am soaring up into the vastness of All That Is. I am guided to temper my exuberance so that I can organize myself. Of interest, The Eight of Wands was in yesterday's draw, coming today from The Shadow Card, to GUIDE me.

MEDITATION: Three of Pentacles

Today's meditation brings me to a Mastercrafts man, who teaches me that true mastery takes time; to concentrate on each step, and ensure it affords me the greatest success. A lot of work goes into any project, and layout my plans for this next stage, organize myself so that movement will be smooth, and create the best way for myself to work. Learning from others is of great importance, but creating my own style will be where the magic comes into the equation.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Pentacles

I feel rich today, but it is important to balance myself, and not only seek what others are willing to give, but also to return in kind. Become more involved in the community. We are not islands, and learning, even on the Spirit Realm, is done so I can live more beautifully, and that means in concert with others.


As a new phase begins, looking toward how to organize my studies, and learning how to live and work with my Teacher is the form of this new period. There is great excitement, and well there should be, though, it is important not to expend too much energy, as there is much work to be done. There will be organizing, and drawing up plans for what is needed as the next phase clicks into place. Remember to balance myself in the richness of the feeling in which I am luxuriating, to both give and take... exchange is important.


  1. Your excitement is obvious and well deserved, and I know I said this in the PDR thread, but again- Congratulations on completing the first phase of your studies! I think you're going to grow into a terrific reader whether you choose to read for others or just yourself.

    However you choose to advance your studies, I hope you'll keep up with this blog, I've been absent lately, but have enjoyed your processes of getting acquainted with your cards.

    :D Leigh

  2. I thank you very much Leigh! :) I know now the real work begins, but I am psyched! There is much to consider for the next steps, but that too is part of the journey. I will always keep up with the journal, though sometimes it will be sporadic due to things that take me AFK. But I am completely invested here. I thank you for your support and for the inspiration you are for me.