Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chariot Insights and Keywords

My first impression of The Chariot is that it is a 'Feel Good' card. It's very welcoming, as if I've arrived at an oasis. It's very balanced, and quite symetrical, and at the same time it has a dreaminess and other worldly sense to it; there isn't specifically a landscape behind or around the main aspect of the card.

The insights I got from the visuals are that this card speaks of balance, freedom, forward movement, and progress. There is purity and goodness here, and a connection to the magical, and that which is Cosmic. It speaks of gentle control, harmonious opposites and endless possibilities.

Other keywords I'd add to the above (insights) which I'd use for this card would be: purpose, journey, victory, triumph, clear sailing/clear road ahead, all of which comes from completion of the first level (reading Rachel Pollack's book, "Tarot Wisdom" and she splits the majors up into 3 levels. The first is comprised of cards 1 thru 7, the fool being the journeyman so is not included).

Feeling the need to go back and see what I did learn from the first seven (remembering only The Hierophant which pointed out my intolerance to certain things).


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