Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hierophant Insights and Keywords

Insights and Keywords

I had to wonder what the reason for this card was, after seeing it. I have an inkling, now, from a personal inner work pov.

What this card shows me is someone who is controlling, manipulative, hiding behind a powerful institution. It is about conformity, rigidity of thought, being removed from others, self righteous piety, as well as oppressive and repressive actions and attitudes and to the extreme, corruption and deception.

Having had such a negative reaction to this card, after posting my initial blog, and then reading Robin's thoughts on The Hierophant, I went over to post this in the Robin Wood study group thread. I found that the majority of those who participated in the group, stated a similar feeling, as well as similar insights.

While it seemed to me there was a sense of validation for my own thoughts, something else also occurred to me. First and foremost, the reason I am even here is about inner work; growth, and learning from all 'teachers.'

That being said, I posted this after considering, not only what I came across here but also some other information regarding the card (thanks to a wonderful and very helpful ATer) as seen by other Deck creators:

I have since read Robin's own interpretation for the card she has created, and find it interesting that her own feeling about it parallels what I actually saw. I expected she would explain it in a way I could not see.

Of note, but not actually put into my blog (though is in my work journal) is that I wanted to get as far away from the card as fast as I can, and have actually left it in my work journal as a bookmark for those pages, instead of keeping it out where I can see it. Whatever this card has as a 'teaching' for me it shows me there is some major issue I've been ignoring in myself... okay not ignoring, but allowing to manifest, and it's as ugly as Robin's depiction of The Hierophant is. It is intolerance!
MUCH work to be done here.

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