Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Don Quixote This


The terrain became rugged, and I marveled at the change in surroundings. This was a man's domain, here, wild, a frontier. I did not expect to see anyone out here, so far from civilization, until I saw, in the distance, a man, who, from his clothing and countenance was of great stature.

He sat upon a throne, carved of stone, seemingly out of place, and at the same time, giving the sense that he was, in fact, completely at home. This, or any other place could be his castle. He must be a great and powerful leader of men. His appearance spoke volumes of this fact. Full bearded, showing the gray of an Elder, he was clothed in a white tunic, trimmed in gold etched with a black print that ran down the front and side. His leggings were bright red and on his feet, which rested upon a globe of the world, were brown leather boots, with a gold inner lining. Draped over his shoulders was a deep purple cloak, also with gold trim embedded with what looked like bright red squares and smaller green rounds of gems, which ran across the chest, and the clasp which held the cloak in place was a large round gold and black medallion with a ruby set in the center.

His crown was made of leaves (possibly laurel?), and in his right hand he held the scepter of royalty. His left arm, visible beneath the cloak, was encased in armor and there was an armor plated belt with a ram's head buckle, to match, perhaps, the arm of his throne, also that of a ram's head. Crows were etched into the back board of the throne, seeming to hug either side of his head. Slung over the left upper part of the throne was a hunter's horn with a brown leather strap. Behind him were treeless peaks of red-rock or brownstone mountains.

I could see the tinge of color from the setting sun, and watched a hawk soar across the sky.

I had the sense that he knew exactly who he was, without assailing others with false bravado. He was formal and at the same time was not off-putting. There was wisdom and power radiating from him, and I knew he was an honest man, with a pure heart, which was courageous when times called for it. He is a fair minded leader, and holds all within his charge with honor and respect, albeit a firm hand. While he is a man of Faith, he respects that others may hold different views and is learned within all schools of knowledge. This shows great balance and fortitude.

Song Of The Emperor: Like A Rock by Bob Seger

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