Monday, April 5, 2010

Who's The Fool?

I've just finished reading the meaning of the 0, THE FOOL card as Robin sees it. The description of what everything means is obviously greater than I was able to see. I realize, of course, that I must not have been in school when they taught about symbolism. OR, let's face it, my life has given me many experiences which tend to simply change the perspective.

As I've implied (inferred?) right from the start, I am this seeker and I do not have the knowledge of what these truths can hold. I can see, and I must not judge myself for this, that I have quite limited sight. Like the seeker at this point, I know little more than I want to merrily roll along and care not for the problems the next step could bring into my life. This is very much chaos. OH..... duh... chaos. Does this fool not actually represent chaos and the journey then would be finding the patterns in the chaos....

Still, I think I would like to try to take a first detour into the land of symbols and try my hand at expressing my own ideas about the so called easy to figure out symbolism of such simple objects as an apple and etc.

Hmmm... I DO like the non-linear thought of this... oh oh oh recall the Gaian Tarot??? The past talked directly about non-linear thinking... and I am standing upon the threshold (are not we all?) of the past/present/future every moment?

SO much to learn, and YET, intuitively speaking, it suggests that we follow our OWN, and do not have to give a fig what anyone else thinks...

About the masculine/feminine aspects being switched... might I suggest the Marriage of Spirit?

Hmmm... there's that old permission demon.

SO, who IS the fool?

*raises hand*

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