Friday, April 9, 2010

Impressions, Imagery, Insights and Keywords

From the worksheet:

My first impression when coming face to face with The Magician was that he was imposing, and commanding. The energy was quite palpable. The sense of control was also quite outstanding. After sitting with those feelings for a while, getting used to the comparative heaviness here after spending time with the Seeker (Fool/Hero), I allowed the other aspects to come into view. Here was a very balanced individual, someone who walked in this world as One Who Knows. The reason I suggested a person of 'unknown' age is about a being who is eternal, possibly similar to one who returns to incarnation knowingly, willingly, with purpose and in this it could be said that he is consciously infinte.

The card imagery created an experience of being no other place but in the moment; nothing else existed, in fact, other than the seeker and the Magician. The implication of connetions to the essential (natural world) through his headress, and the more superficial realm wherein dwelt the creature of man (dressed in robes), and all the trappings, brings the sense of transcendance to the forefront. The idea of Balance is seen in all things here: dark and light, tame and wild; life and death, masculine and feminine. The accoutrements (pentagram, sword, wand, cup) speak to All Knowing. He represents things known and seen, and things unknown and unseen, with one hand visible, and the other hidden.

The insights of the card, for me, are that his realm is a window to all lessons; that he manifests balance, courage, strength, wisdom, love, freedom, perfection, darkness and light, and infinity.

With these, the keywords for the card would be balance, teaching, freedom in the ability to control destiny and eternity.

* * *

The nice part about how I'm approaching this is that I get to work in parts, the way a person might work with a recipe for a hoped for good meal: preparation, cooking, eating.

I've since read Robin's own interpretation of The Magician. Happily, I was paying attention to her pre-requisite chapter about symbolism. I saw so much more, and brought what I'd learned into how I perceived the card.

Oddly, and I'm not sure why, I did not put 'Creativity' as a keyword. What was I missing? Creativity is so elemental to all inner work. In fact, imo, it grows greater within us as we work. Perhaps, at the beginning of a journey, there is just so much coming at a person that those parts which are the foundation upon which we stand, seem to be almost taken for granted.

Other aspects used in the book's interpretation which I'd include as keywords would be: Skill, Self-reliance and definitely Mastery. Also, purity of purpose, and clarity of thought.

I like quiet confidence though the card doesn't feel quiet for me. It's not chaotically blaring, but there is a 'speaks loudly' sense to the whole composition.

There is a great deal more that I didn't even see. Perhaps the smaller details will begin to materialize when I meet The Magician again.

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  1. I love the phrasing of a person of 'unknown' age...a being who is eternal...who returns to incarnation knowingly, willingly, with consciously infinite.
    I've never thought of the magician this way!

    :) Leigh