Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Insights and Keywords

I wrote on my worksheet these insights for The High Priestess:

She is about intution, which is the feminine aspect of knowledge. Her knowledge encompasses the three levels of learning which is inclusive of the three phases of the feminine side of life: the Maiden where the basics of spirituality are born, incarnate, where the first degree initiation takes place; The Mother, giving birth to the ability to find patterns in the world around, through the experience of living, where what came before is transformed into 2nd degree upon the ladder of human evotution; and Cronehood, the highest degree of spirituality, incarnate, and applying what life lessons have shown on the road to living life beautifully.

The Keywords I'd use for this card:

quiet knowing
purity of heart,
deeper learning,
harmony with the Universe
intuitive living
direct connection with Nature
potential for growth

1 comment:

  1. "Quiet knowing" and "intuitive living" are excellent descriptions of the High Priestess' qualities! I like that.

    :) Leigh