Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Lady Of The House

Another beautiful day dawns, carrying me on my way further down the road. I dance along, listening to the music my flute gives to the Universe. My mind drifts over the two meetings I've had the past 24 hours, and it has me wondering who I shall meet this fine day? As the sun traverses the heavens, and noon draws near, I begin to feel ready for a meal. Wandering into a meadow, I look for wild berries to pick. Beyond the surrounding forest, I can see cultivated land and further still, snow capped mountains. The civilized world is close.

I am thinking about the luscious meals which can be made from the harvest beyond, my attention is drawn by a woman's lovely voice, humming a delightful tune. I look around and not far from where I am I see a magnificent tree, under which sits a lady; one of regal bearing, clad in a long gold robe, with a border of lush green brocade. Around her shoulders is a cloak of deep purple, with gold symbols embroidered into it. She wears a beautiful sparkling tiara which holds the phases of the moon across the crown. A blue silky scarf is draped over her head. She is tending a handsome spinning wheel, etched with the signs of the zodiac. I watch as the fluffy white cotton tufts transforms into useful threads.

Looking up, she smiles, beckoning for me to approach. When I do, she offers me refreshment from a basket of fruits and vegetables set near her, and while I eat, we talk. I note behind her placed upon the trunk of the tree, a beautiful heart shaped pillow fashioned out of a bright red yearn with a gold patterned frill, and can see the white sign of the female emblem, stitched upon the front.

One is reminded of homes and dinners, and yards with chickens clucking about, and cows waiting to be milked. I notice that the symbols upon her cloak speak of worldly things, and love and all that is maternal. I see a wisdom, that comes with many years of experience in her eyes. While she is clothed in elegant robes, she also works. Her's is the realm of worldy and material knowledge. She is wise in areas of orderly, domestic ways and follows Societal protocols. Her work is transformative regards making a house a home. The basics of domestic life are her wares (making clothing and preparing foods), working according to the cycles of the Moon and the harvest; the Wheel of the Year. I can see she is contented in her role as mother and is very caring. I could not feel more welcome.

Song for The Empress: This Is Your Song by Ronan Keating

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  1. What a beautiful description of the Empress!

    :) Leigh