Sunday, April 11, 2010

She Came To Me One Morning

No, actually, it was me going to Her and it is evening. But the point of the title is all about the first line from a song by Uriah Heep, which reminded of the card while I was first studying it:

"She came to me one morning,
One lonely sunday morning,
Her long hair blowing
In the mid-winter wind"

More about why this card brought that song to mind later.

Now, sit and listen to this tale:

The learning had begun, though I might not yet have become aware of that fact. But, how could I NOT? I'd have to be 'foolhardy' (pun intended) to miss the commencement of this new phase.

While I was not in the Land of the Sandman, I, none-the-less had visions dancing in my head. I wandered out into the cool night air, letting the evening embrace me as I followed the trail away from the cabin. My mind was churning with thoughts and ideas about becoming the captain of my own ship.

Yet, it was quite a bit more than I could take in and the main desire within my heart was to find peace and quiet to make sense of it all.

"I know not how she found me..." but it was I who stumbled into her realm.

At first, I didn't feel anything, looking at the image, so I sat for a long time staring at the card. The High Priestess. I let my eyes drink in all the nuances of each part. What I thought might be not getting anything from this card, turned out to be a contrast between the previous stop and this one. In a strange way it was akin to how deaf a person feels after leaving a rock concert. Nothing seems to penetrate the daze of a highly charged experience. So, I listened more intently and just let whatever wanted to come to me, drift, as if a feather floating down to earth. I found a gentle peace about this card. Standing central in the graphic, a beautiful woman - the essence of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, all held within her countenance. It feels good to be outside, the air is fresh and fragrant with earthy scents and alive with night sounds.

She is warm, welcoming, and quietly waiting. She is tall and striking. Her hair is long, billowing out behind her, a crescent moon headband, set mid-brow. Around her neck is a pentacle on a thin silver chain. She is holding a book (of shadows?) open in her left hand and a crystal ball in her right hand. She is clothed in a flowing gown; white at the shoulders, green, fading into teal, draping over her upper body, fading into light blue and then a deeper blue further down.

She stands between two trees; possibly a birch tree on her left (the white bark) and a black barked tree on her right. The full Moon is a 'ghostly galleon, tossed upon cloudy seas' casting light and shadow as it slips behind and then slides out of the white clouds. The night sky is purple.

There is a silence, a stillness about her, as if her knowledge is imparted thru demonstration, showing the way of simply being. There is a sense of relief, standing in her presence, a feeling of safety.

The crystal ball sparkles, and as I gaze at it, it seems I can see the cosmos held within giving the sense that she is saying the universe is within all of us.

Stillness; gentle strength, wisdom and balance are her teachings.

I suspect there is tons more, but right now it's not getting through?

ETA: I just re-read this and saw: Yet, it was quite a bit more than I could take in and the main desire within my heart was to find peace and quiet to make sense of it all. Another of those DUH moments. Sometimes, we do get what we want...

Song for The High Priestess: Lady In Black by Uriah Heep

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  1. Give the High Priestess time to get to know you. She had much wisdom to share.
    She's one of my favorite Majors in every deck.

    :) Leigh