Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Seeker aka The Fool aka The Hero

From my own exploration of this card, these are the things which I would keep in mind when the card shows up in a reading:

Beginnings, carefree, openness, innocence and purity, imminant transformation.

Still, there are some things within the book's interpretation, I'd add to mine. While I feel 'peril' is too strong a word, I would definitely include pay attention to the list of things this card might be telling someone in a spread.

Lack of experience, is good because when we are beginning things, we do lack the experience of those who have been working at it for years.

With lack of discipline, The way I see it, if something interested this Seeker, to attend this desire there would be discipline. In fact, to learn to play a flute, one must have been disciplined.

I am fully aware that I am striving to keep the more negative aspects out of this, while allowing for the fact that those things I would emphasize would convey a need for caution at most.

If difficulties lie in the seeker's mind, it would be part and parcel of learning, and by making mistakes, that is truly the only way to learn. This is a thought that comes from a book I'd read many years ago, which speaks of how the educational system's proclivity to not allow mistakes, to make them seem bad only places obstacles TO learning.

Much of the symbology regarding the colors, design and style of dress, was something I did not know. However I do appreciate that is her way of showing that he is a lover. Interestingly, she claims, as well, that he has sharp wits which is really contrary to the whole idea of being thoughtless, and falling pray to folly.

Might he be hurt in the end? Might not we all? Isn't it a matter of how we handle the hurts in life?. When one is carefree, and this is not a child in this picture, even as he may be young; this is a man, who has had experiences which led him to be upon this path. It would seem, unless we make his story one of having been sheltered (boy in a bubble) up to the point where he left the safety of home, then it's not likely he has not met with some bad experiences. I feel he is one of those people who picks themself up, dusts themself off and keeps on going. That fits more with one who chooses a carefree life. Being carefree implies choice.

The more subtle of the sybmols, like the color of his vest, representing the light and dark sides of him, and that his moods may be "mercurial, and could change at the drop of a hat." Maybe he's more in touch with his feminine side, as the switch in sides of his leggings might actually show. Being a rebel myself, I prefer the disdain of forms to not understanding them.

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