Saturday, April 3, 2010

PDR: The Fool

It has taken many long years to arrive at this moment. But then Inner Work has no time table. Everything happens at the rate at which it happens; no faster. no slower. And so the seeker (like The Fool in the Major Arcana of a traditional Tarot deck) sets out once more upon a journey of self exploration.

There is a plan this time, however, which, in itself, is quite unusual. Life as the aimless wanderer ceases because purpose is no longer simply a glimpse of promise. No, it has taken the shape of an unexpected teacher: The '78 Ways Of Wisdom.' Thus the day becomes a launched ship, sailing the Seas of Self.

To be honest, the exact how-to at the time of the starting shot became known in that moment when I beheld the tool of the Path. Would it be a meandering stroll through the images, stopping at each for a moment or an hour, depending on the card? Or would it manifest in a face to face, one on one depthful excursion into the realm of numero zero? How could it be anything other than the latter?

Sitting, gently cradling the picture, I hoped I would meet the moment with no expectation. Happily, because I had not seen very much of the deck before arranging for its passage into my world, I managed just that.

My eyes took in the rich color of the image: a beautiful clear day. Our 'seeker,' dressed in colorful clothing is a joyous being: filled with the light of innocence. As the explorer sets forth, music fills the air, tunes from within played upon a flute, pressed to a smiling mouth. This is a giveaway from the heart. Beyond are snow covered peaks, where the Land of the North (Color White)is the destination - The Place Of Knowledge. In closer proximity are the green hills, lush with a harvest, ripe with lessons for our wandering minstrel. Having left the material world behind, traveling light, with the barest necessities, our adventurer stands at the farthest edge of the East Realm - The Place of Beginnings - upon the threshold of the kingdom of higher learning to the West - a Wonderland of Transformation.

The pathfinder has a faithful, yet watchful companion pup - akin, in this moment, to a seeing eye dog. While carefree, it appears there is every intention to go forth like 'a leaf driven by the wind,' still lighthearted enough to go with the flow (like the stream which meanders across the land below) and face what lies ahead, eager to meet all who live and travel upon the road. It is a momentous occasion, given greater weight by the presence of Butterfly Medicine, an indication that a metamorphosis is quite inherent.

Thus the odyssey begins.

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  1. What a great way to begin! Good luck on your journey!