Sunday, May 2, 2010

Return To Innocence


"Love, emotion
Feelings, emotion.
Don't be afraid to be weak,
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart, my friend,
That will be the return to yourself,
The Return to Innocence."*

~ ~ ~

Heading into the unconscious, flying across the universe in Chariot to a destination I know not where. So many visions dancing in my head, seeking to understand lessons learned, and wondering at those still to be worked through. There is always more to look at inside, where the wild dogs run howling in the night.

Mountain peaks appear, capped with a beautiful blanket of snow. We are gliding downward, toward a plush carpet of rolling lawns. As we set down, I notice a young woman sitting on the grass and see a magnificent lion prowling toward her. Standing mesmerized by the scene, I did not hear the Chariot lift up and disappear beyond the mountains. I feel what I am witnessing can not end well for this maiden. She is a lovely young woman, wearing a flowing white gown with a breast plate of armor, made of silver and trimmed with gold. I notice a resplendent bouquet of flowers in her lap. Upon her head she wears a wreath of beautiful wild flowers as well; white, and purple, and small sprays of wispy white delicate buds. The lion walks toward her; an imposing beast, full of power. Surprisingly, the maid beckons for the lion to come to her, and I can see his mighty jaws are parted, and can almost hear a guttural growl. When he is standing before her, she holds her hand out to him, letting him learn her scent, and then she reaches up with her other hand, her fingers dancing lightly on his silky mane. Ever so slowly her hand comes to rest upon his head.

There was a palpable exchange of power. Her love for this lion reaches inside of him, visibly calming him, so she is able to slide her other hand beneath his chin and with a tender touch, closes his jaws. I am stunned, seeing them like this, his bulk resting nearly upon her, as if he is at an oasis in the desert, drinking up the sweet energy which radiates from her.

Her fearlessness and purity of heart brought a gentleness to this great predator; allowing it to, perhaps, return to the innocence of the cub from which he grew. I hear a distinct purring. Here is a statement of how love, tempered with courage, understanding and confidence is a catalyst which manifests kinship between opposing forces where gentle strength of spirit transforms innate brutishness into acquiescence.

*Song for Strength: The Return To Innocence by Enigma

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  1. Your insight into this card is incredible and beautiful. You have a gift for the written word. I hope you will always share it with the world.