Monday, May 17, 2010

Just A Little Bit.


"When I look to the East I see sunrise
When I look to the East I see Light
With the Soft Golden Gift of the morning
I am breathing you in, now revived..."*

~ ~ ~

This part of the forest reminded me a great deal of a place I used to visit a lot. It had the exact layout of a path which wound through woods toward a waterfall. I was thinking about that when I saw another smaller trail veer off to my right. There would be a meadow, I thought, and stepped onto the footpath, following it, and I noticed the butterfly had taken that same way. I was struck by the thought that I'd really left my old life behind; was on an adventure of the sort I'd dreamt about.

Within a short while the trail opened into a meadow. The world brightened greatly, and the scene was breathtaking. Far across from where I stood were the mountains, hidden just below the zenith by a massive cloud cover. Rising up through the wedge of two peaks the sun was brilliant. A light breeze brought the sweet scent of wild flowers to me. Turning at a sound, I saw the most elegant of beings. He stood, one foot in a clear pool of water, the other foot on the smooth surface of rock. He was tall, slender and had the most amazing pair of gold wings rising up from his back. He wore a very simple, pure white robe. It took me a while to note that he was juggling what looked like three beautiful crystals of different colors. There was an odd familiarity about him. At this, he smiled, as if he knew what I'd been thinking. He reminded me very much of 'The Keeper Of The Garden' I'd met often in the Crystal Garden Of Healing.

Was that possible? Was the Garden actually real? Seeking to puzzle that out, my gaze went beyond him where a small rocky byway meandered across the meadow toward the mountains. The butterfly stopped for a few moments at a flower near him, just on shore from where he stood.

I felt refreshed just being here. Everything about it was open, friendly, warm, and sunny and most welcoming. Returning my gaze to him, I studied, from a distance, an emblem sewn to the front of his robe. It was a yellow square, within which was a triangle. I wondered what it might stand for. No sooner had the thought formed when another followed; it is the square of reality, and the trianle is Spirit. Together they mean 'Spirit in flesh' which is what we all are and that is LIFE itself.

Everything here spoke, to a great degree, of all the things which I'd been seeing and hearing about these past many weeks. Purity, Mastery, in this case of all the elements: fire, water, air and earth. This was another place of beginnings, as the rising sun implied and of new ways, and new landscapes to be explored.

I wondered in what way the knowledge had transmuted, because it was ever changing, and like the crumbs from the gingerbread house children, I was getting tidbits with each meeting; another piece of the puzzle.

What was this about? I sat down and just studied everything. It was simplicity itself. Nothing was overstated, which spoke of moderation. It was a middle road, and it was obvious that there were few twists and turns here. It was straight forward. There was a sense that within the very Temperance of this new path, the bits and pieces of each of my earlier meetings were contained here, within this auster world. It was about the penduluum slowing to a near standstill, where there was balance in all its perfection.

*song for Temperance: Calling All Directions by Elaine Silver


  1. Very lovely entry and song(s)(I just spent 1/2 hour on YouTube poking around listening to the other songs).

    I'm enjoyiing reading your perspectives for this middle group of the Majors!

    :) Leigh

  2. Thank you, Leigh! and OMB! You Tube is SO addictive.

    While these middle cards are definitely more difficult for me to figure out at times, I'm finding them actually showing up in my life to illustrate more clearly what they are about. And writing the story is giving up my conscious mind which allows my intuition free reign. It just flows out, almost like automatic writing. :) So fascinating.