Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rant for Justice


"He may, he may have a sentence for to serve
Turn turn turn again,
But ninety-nine years he just does not deserve,
Turn turn to the wind and the rain..."*

~ ~ ~

What a roller coaster ride, and I was glad to be off of it. Too many changes, too fast; the ups and downs, dizzying. My mind was filled with disjointed images and thoughts: rights and wrongs, whys and hows? Yes! and no! I felt torn by the confusion which colored every thought. I found myself flip flopping between feeling invincible, unbeatable and confident, when suddenly I'd slide into a whirlwind of worry and fear, and feeling as I'd done someone wrong somewhere.

Sorting through this chaotic line of thinking, I found myself seeking a place of stability. This grew as I continued upon a pathway. Glancing up, I saw a rather magnificent structure, not off to the side, but smack dab in the middle of the road. I could see a sign spanning the top of it. As I drew closer, the letters took shape: THE HALLS OF JUSTICE. A flashback to someother place beckoned the name, Mad Max.

All ceased when I stood before two gray granite pillars several steps above and blocking my passage. Seated upon a bench, was a figure. The impression I got was I had entered an exhibit of a wax museum. The figure was a young woman, dressed red robes, with a purple cape clasped in front by a small silver square of metal, a red gem set in the center of it. She wore a green ascot around her neck, caught, as well, in the clasp. I saw she was holding in her left hand, the hilt of a sword, with golden scales hanging from the ends of the hilt. In her other hand was a silver sword, pointing up toward the sky. Set upon her neatly quaffed hair was a wreath of green leaves, similar to the kind worn in the Roman Empire. I felt it was like an exhibit because this is a very quiet card.

For all the world, she seemed a guardian of the path which rose up behind her. This made me wonder: did the path to enlightenment require permission at this point to continue? Was I worthy to pass through these gates, to continue upon this journey? For the life of me, I could not imagine why this was here, and where was the Justice in that?

I said hello, testing the waters of reality. Was she real or memorex? My answer came as she nodded her head once, in greeting. I sighed with relief. I didn't have to ask, for I already knew I was expected. But for what? Since I'd left the Chariot, the journey had taken a decidedly abstract turn. With the exception of The Hermit, all of those I'd met represented different kinds of teachings. I was finding it harder to relate to, not to mention comprehend these last several lessons. No, that wasn't right. They are representations of ideas. I understood that. But now I had to think harder to comprehend how it applied specifically to me and to my moment in time. My mind insists on thinking of this as judgement, not justice, or are they one and the same. Doesn't Justice judge?

What is justice? This justice certainly isn't blind, like we often see in depictions of justice. And why would justice be blind anyway? To be fairminded? This lady looked fair minded enough. She would weigh our words objectively. Where upon this journey did Justice come into play?

Aha! This isn't about a separate adventure, removed from the like The Hermit has done. This is living in the world while at the same time seeking to live beautifully. It was harmonizing this and that part of life. So, what I did in that other, real world, would have an impact that would be heard around the world. Justice keeps us on the straight and narrow. BUT of whose design?

If I had created the world, would I have included justice? Would I have included judgement? Obvously I judge others; I did The Hierophant. How did Justice step in and work her magic? Justice MUST have a magic element. The Natural world has it's own sense of Justice... or is that just a man made notion?

I wanted to shake her... What do you want to tell me? What do you have to teach me? All's fair in love and war? What is one person's fair is another's injustice?

Is there a riddle here? Some test I have to pass? What's the password?

*Song for Justice: Percy's Song by Arlo Guthrie


  1. Very interesting questions to be asking Justice! I'm not really surprised that she's not sharing the answers with you just yet. This is a path of discovery, every twist and turn bringing new revelations, a lifetime of learning.

    :) Leigh

  2. Leigh: The great part is that these difficult cards get me digging deeper and I find I get more out of that which I don't understand, than I do from that which I do understand... Very interesting. We had a meeting of minds :)