Monday, May 24, 2010

Starlight, Starbright


"Good morning starshine,
The Earth says hello.
You twinkle above us,
We twinkle below."*

First impression: This is a peaceful card, where silence allows the sound of the flowing water and those things that go unheard in the hustle and bustle of life.

Image: Here is a beautiful Spring landscape, lit by the stars; one, BIG and bright with 8 point, and seven smaller ones circling the big one, also each with 8 points (wheel of the year?). Below, upon the surface of the Earth, is the landscape of the newness of spring; lush green grass with stark snow covered mountains in the distance. Center stage is a young woman, kneeling upon the bank of a lake, one foot in the water, and in each hand is held a bowl. One is blue, while the other is transparent. Our young maiden pours water out of each, the right flowing out into the lake, while flows out upon the land, making five streams of the liquid, wandering off in different directions. There is part of a tree seen off to the gir's left, its branches dotted with the first buds of the season (or maybe xmas lights?). A bird is seen landing upon one branch.

At first I am not sure I understand what I am feeling/seeing. It is like the silence in the aftermath of something torrential. This is the first time, I think, that I have, without prompting, connected any of the cards together. But here is the comparative stillness which comes at the end of something dramatic. There is not only the calm before the storm, but also after it. Both brings its own kind of expectation. In this case this is the beginning of things coming back into focus, back to order.

With the release of light, just before (from The Tower), there is quiet, gentle light, a slow growing illumination. Thus, after destruction there is a returning of the light; a sense of not knowing, yet, how things will take shape, yet waiting for any development.

This is the time of the glimmer of the new things upon the horizon.

Keywords for The Star: calmness, new beginnings, stillness, fertile ground in which things can take shape. Hope. Relaxed, open minded. Healing and regeneration.

*Song for THE STAR: Good morning starshine from the musical HAIR

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