Thursday, May 20, 2010

Major Arcana 2nd Level Review

Marjor Arcana
Second Level Reading


1. What have I learned from the 2nd level cards?
2. where does my strength reside?
3. What areas need more work?
4. What do I understand most?
5. What puzzles me most?
6. How can I improve my studies?
7. Who is my greatest teacher?



Significator = The Seeker

Card 1 = Death
I've learned about change and transformation and I have learned to pay attention to and follow signs.

Card 2 = Justice
My strength resides in seeking to keep balance between right and wrong due to my concern with 'doing the right thing.' Spiritual Justice rules my drive, and my actions.

Card 3 = Strength
My Strength or more importantly, my belief in my strength, need more work. I need to see and understand emotionally that strength is not just of a physical nature. Just because I am small and I feel weak and small,(in many ways, not just physically) does not mean I am not strong in spirit. Believe in Self.

Card 4 = Temperance
Because my life literally depends on moderation, i have learned and 'mastered' Temperance.

Card 5 = The Hanged Man
Because I still live with uncertainty and fear - bound by these emotions - I cannot imagine HOW to live any other way - yet.

Card 6 = The Hermit
Dedication and working without distraction (being solitary) will improve my work the most. The lesson of the day (in the morning, I lost access to my blogs and was plunged into an abyss of despair, and thought my work within a 'community' would end because I had lost my tools - you had to be there.) shows that reliance on and belief in myself will take me further than all else, because I can still go on. It is easy to forget that the reason the cards have come into my life as Teacher, is that I have always been shown (signs) that the answers and the journey to enlightenment lie within myself.

Card 7 = Wheel of Fortune
The immediate situation of the day brought The Wheel Of Fortune to the front of the class as my greatest teacher. Through acceptance of where and who I am in each moment, enhanced with the understanding that nothing stays the same, all else falls into place. Do not cling to any emotions of the day - even when they are good; feel them, live them in the moment, learn from them and then move on. Go with the flow!

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