Saturday, May 8, 2010

Round and Round She Goes

Wheel Of Fortune

"The wheel in the sky keeps on turning
I don't know where I'll be tomorrow.
The wheel in the sky keeps me yearning..."*

~ ~ ~

I am nowhere. I am everywhere. I am on a giant wheel, walking around a yellow rim, passing segments; some with smiling faces, some with no emotion, and some the expression marred by possible misfortune. What does it all mean? How does it relate to the journeys of the past, and how will it lead to those of the future?

It is more like a piece of puzzle from a picture not of this pilgrimage. I feel confused, mystified, uncertain what to think, how to figure it out.

The title seems too obvious: WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Is life that much of a crap shoot? Do we bounce mindlessly around within our emotions, depending on events? Or could it mean that even while we grow, the things of life continue to come to us, and with learning, we can change, not the situation, but our reaction to it, learning to control the emotions? Perhaps, as in life, we are faced with many possible reactions. Until we learn more about ourselves, we are stuck within the confines of the wheel, allowing events to control us. Is this the station where we get off and see how we've done so far, and learn that the landscape of life keeps spinning and changing because we're changing at every turn? What happens when we evolve? Can we then determine how we react to any given moment?

I have to say this is a confusing card. But within a reading, IF someone did reversals, it would make more sense... or if it crossed another card, even then, it might have greater meaning. Otherwise, it's just about 'how lucky do you feel right now?' and has the appearance of the roulette wheel, with the little silver orb zooming ever on, with no surcease.

Does it say we have no choice of the events of our life, and we'll run the gamut from the most fabulous moments to the most devastating, and all that are between them? Is there a cycle... one day we're up, the next we're heading into a downward spiral, but even that will change, and we'll be riding up toward better possibilities.

I feel as if there is nothing to grasp onto, because the wheel is forever turning (say it with me... The Wheel of the Year?), and we can't really say, 'stop the world, I want to get off." can we? Is this all about simple luck of the draw? or about making a concerted effort to control how life effects us?

~ ~ ~

Here is a wheel divided into segments, each holding an image of a woman signifying 8 different possible emotions - dictated by events which range from great success to unimaginable failure. Each slice of this pie is a different color. In the upright position, the top shows a yellow wedge (trivial pursuit anyone?), with a woman wearing a yellow dress, pictured inside, arms raised in victory, stars behind her, more like fireworks than anything.

Moving clockwise, we come to the next piece which is green, holding what appears to be the same woman, dressed in white, with a green ribbing at neckline, to match her segment, a smile on her face. She's not exstatic, like contestant number one, but is probably on Happy Street.

Another step clockwise and we're in a lesser green (almost teal) division, and our lady is showing little emotion. Her dress is a sort of mauve and her ribbing is that of the color of the realm in which she stands.

Approaching the fourth sector, we find a mightly dishevilled, quite saddened girl, her dress a medium to dark gray, with the blue ribbing of her background. She got de blues.

Leaving our sad sack behind, we find, a dark indigo dimension. Hands covering this gal's face, her sobs can almost be heard. Her dress is black, ribbed with the deep purple. This is the polar opposite of Lady sunshine in 1st place.

Hurrying on, (for she would otherwise draw one into her miserable world, and we'd be stuck in a bereft bog) there is a bit of light, and less gloom and doom here, thouigh it's clear that this is no laughing matter as, again, we are faced with the young woman who dwells in Sadville. Her dress has taken on a less drab and dull color with a violet ribbing.

What is this? I'm seeing red? Yes, definitely red, yet our heroine is now cautiously holding onto that emotionless epxression of the Teal of the wheel. Oddly, her dress looks light gray, as opposed to the mauve of her twin... how perception changes depending on where we've come from.

Another step and I almost expect to see jack-o-lanterns, in this autumn orange space. Our lass is smiling again, and clothed in white with an orange ribbing. Her smile seems more like that of expectation of winning as opposed to the young Isle of Green Goddess, who gives the sense, 'That was fun.'

Coming full circle I think of the color wheel, and with the exception of the teal, I've just traversed a rainbow. Like that roulette wheel, there is constant movement here... round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows. It seems that this place is out of this world OF maybe completely inside ourselves... the background shows only a dark blue, starless landscape.

~ ~ ~

Keywords for The Wheel Of Fortune:

Luck, movement, beginnings and/or endings, emotional changes, fortune, destiny. The author also sees Roller Coaster Ride manifesting and since I can see that, I'll go for it. I like that she points out that the secret to the card is that if we don't get invested in any one place, neither the highs nor the lows, that everything changes, you can keep your balance.

Song for Wheel Of Fortune is "Wheel In The Sky" by Journey


  1. "Or could it mean that even while we grow, the things of life continue to come to us, and with learning, we can change, not the situation, but our reaction to it, learning to control the emotions? "

    That is something with which I totally agree. I have noticed that as I progress through Life, that my reactions to similar situations have changed - each being shaped by experience and change of reference.

  2. I love Journey!

    The Wheel represents the transitory nature of life. Life's movement is a continuous cycle. Where you are in the cycle and how you react to and deal with those aspects of the cycle is what The Wheel shows. Not always one of the easiest cards to interpret, in my opinion.

    :) Leigh

  3. Chiska: I have often thought that when I change my reaction to certain situations that keep popping up, if they no longer pop up, I have learned the lesson of that situation. Have you thought that way too?

  4. Leigh: I will be interested in seeing this card come up in a reading, after I finish my journey through the deck. I probably was in one of those really down places when I met the card to begin with, considering my feeling about it :) My initial reaction is always tempered by later reading about the card from either the author who designed the cards, or Rachel Pollack's "Tarot Wisdom," which allows me greater understanding.